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University of North Texas 50 Years of Progress & Opportunity, 1954-2004
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Barrier breakers from the 2000s

Barrier breakers from the 2000s
FIRST ROW, left to right: Dr. John E. Price; Cinnamon Sheffield; Nicholas E. Williams. SECOND ROW: Gary Gailliard; Dr. Howard Johnson.

2001, Dr. John E. Price, first African American vice provost of the UNT Dallas Campus

2001, Gary Gailliard, first African American UNT assistant chief of police

2001, Cinnamon Sheffield, first African American UNT senior women’s athletic administrator

2003, Donna Brooks Asher, first African American UNT associate director of human resources

2003, Nicholas E. Williams, first African American UNT marching band director

2003, Dr. Herman Totten, first African American faculty executive assistant to the president

2003, Dr. Howard Johnson, first African American UNT provost and vice president

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Dr. James H. Gray

Quest Diagnostics
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James & Ola Vineyard
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SSP Consulting, L.C.
Joe and Gloria Kirven
Denton Area Teachers Credit Union
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Zeta Eta Chapter
DART - Gloria Dixon
UNT Fine Arts Series - Lindsey Keffer

Catherine W. Aker

A.J. Amundson
Ann Benson
Dr. Edward C. Bonk
Leemore F. Cook - Revocable Trust
Kippie Crouch
Thomas E. Dalton
Terese M. Gallinatti
Mary McDonnell Harris
Harold Heiberg
Alfred F. Hurley
Sara H. Kliewer
Carol Montgomery
King Moss II
Jerry Pinkerton
Robert D. Pulliam
Ross King Company
Sharon G. Sweat
Polly Thomas
Travis E. Tyer
Timothy S. Wicker
Charldean Newell
John Paul Eddy
David and Cheryl Kesterson
James and Karen Kelly
Gladys L. Longoria
Yuka Nakahara Goven
Carol and Ross King
James and Karen Duban
Patsy and Richard Calkins
Bill and Jo Luker
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