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University of North Texas 50 Years of Progress & Opportunity, 1954-2004
Understanding Our Past
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Understanding Our Past

In the summer of 1954, doctoral student A. Tennyson Miller became the first African American to attend North Texas. A few years later, a lawsuit filed by Joseph L. Atkins paved the way for African American undergraduates and master's students to enroll. The integration of North Texas had begun.

In 2004, the university is commemorating its desegregation and the progress made in the 50 years since, and we’d like to get the story from the people who have lived it and remember it best.

With your submissions to this web site, we’re planning to create an online scrapbook of photos and memories spanning the last 50 years. We may want to contact you for more details or prints as we work on a North Texan alumni magazine issue featuring integration.

Here you can also sign up to receive e-mail updates on plans for the commemoration, which include a musical gala in February and recognition ceremonies and gatherings throughout the year.

As we honor those who have played such an integral part in our history, we hope also to inspire the university community today by confronting and better understanding our past. Please look over the site to see how you can help.