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o4 is intended to be a research computational system for faculty and graduate students. (The name, "o4", is derived from the fact that the new system has two dual-core AMD Opteron processors.) If you have any questions, please send E-Mail to the or call 565-2324.


o4 is intended for use in areas of research requiring the use of large scale data sets or computationally intensive UNIX based software programs. This system is available for use by any faculty or currently enrolled qualified student at UNT. Student access must be sponsored by a faculty member.

To request access to o4, please send an e-mail message to Dr. Philip Baczewski, Director of Academic Computing and User Services. If you are a student please CC: your sponsoring professor on the message.

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System Configuration

  • o4 Runs on a dual-core Opteron (285) system with 8G of memory and and 600G of disk storage.

Operating System

Software and Research Data Sets

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Please send suggestions to, Director of Academic Computing and User Services

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