By Doug Bateman, CWIS Coordinator also known as your Webmaster (

This column covers features and resources available through the University s Campus Wide Information System (CWIS). It was formerly named News from the CWIS/Gopher Hole. UNT s Home Page on the World Wide Web can be found at

I ve Got Those Creepy, Crawly, Cranky, 1 2 3 Hanky, Webmaster Blues...


Please pardon me if I sound a little whiny this time around. It has been anything but a stellar time for this webmaster since the last issue of Benchmarks was published. I had expected great things to occur with my announcement in that issue of the tremendous amount of world-wide attention UNT s web site was getting. I mean, I was impressed that UNT s WWW server was experiencing over 500,000 accesses a month. And I certainly was surprised to find that 70% of that number reflected off-campus accesses (i.e. not originating from users at UNT.)

Truth be told, I do suffer from just a slight lack of patience at times. I also know that delayed gratification has never been a strong suit of mine. However, I find it hard to believe that I wasn t visited by some Great Webmaster Fairy who, with a wave of a golden wand, bestowed upon me:

  1. days of 36 hours instead of a measly 24,
  2. 60-day months,
  3. about half-a-dozen clones of myself, and
  4. a small Cray supercomputer (or two).

Ah well, a person can dream, can't they?

Introductions are in order

On a much brighter note, one good thing has happened in the interim. I did get a half-time student employee position allocated to me, and was blessed with the opportunity to hire Sharon Marek as my assistant. She is a master s student in the School of Library and Information Sciences. She has proven herself to be a quick- learner and an energetic worker and seems to possess an almost saintly amount of patience (she has to in order to put up with me as her supervisor.) I am looking forward to having her able assistance around to make my work life more bearable. If you telephone me and find yourself wondering if my voice has suddenly changed, kindly introduce yourself to Sharon, and wish her luck.

Coming Attractions

Lest you think that I have been doing nothing but sulking the past couple of months, allow me to dispel that nasty rumor (probably started by my boss.) Here are just some of the things that are either being planned, or are actually underway, regarding enhancements to UNT s Web site and the services available on it.

Wrap Up!

For those of you who may still find interest in the growth of the World Wide Web at UNT, rest assured that growth is still being experienced. The LAN Web server ( experienced a 50% growth in average daily accesses from September to October, and UNT s main Web site,, continues to experience a steady 20% growth rate.

No matter what else happens no matter how few or how many resources are brought to bear on administering, maintaining, developing, and enhancing UNT s Web presence, it will continue to grow. However, growth without a corresponding increase in resources to manage it is making it more and more difficult to ensure that everyone who visits UNT s Web site retains a positive image of the university. Do I hear a call for volunteers?

And so it goes...

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