Gifts to Applied Gerontology:

Financial Commitment to Training Future Leaders
in the Field of Aging Services

Throughout its history, the Department of Applied Gerontology and its Center for Studies in Aging have received extraordinary support from alumni and other individuals and organizations committed to advancement of the field of aging and the well-being of older people and their families.

Gifts are made to scholarship accounts for immediate distribution to students, to endowed scholarships, or in support specific educational, research or service programs conducted by the department.

Often, personal gifts reflect both a commitment to our programs and a memorial to a former mentor, family member or caregiver. For service providers and related organizations, gifts to our program help ensure that the field’s future leadership will have the knowledge, skills, professionalism and vision required to address the critical challenges of our rapidly aging society.

In recent years, gifts to educational programs in gerontology have become increasingly important as the costs of higher education and certification have increased while traditional sources of student and program support have declined.

The faculty, students and staff of the Department of Applied Gerontology and the Center for Studies in Aging express their gratitude to all of those who have given to our programs since 1967, and formally recognize those who have made contributions during the past decade of increasing financial need.





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