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Dr. Lyndal M. Bullock

Regents Professor
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #311335
Denton, Tx 76203-5017


  • EdD, University of Kansas
  • MEd, University of Oklahoma
  • BA, Oklahoma City University
  • MRE, Southwestern Seminary
  • BS, Southwestern University

Research Interests

  • Designing appropriate educational environments and services for children/youth with severe emotional/behavioral disorders
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Parent-Professional Communication

Areas of Expertise

  • Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
  • Behavioral Management
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Collaboration


  • Designated as UNT Regents Professor, 1991

  • Recipient of the J. E. Wallace Wallin Special Education Lifetime Achievement Award by the Council for Exceptional Children, 1995 (Honors an individual who has made outstanding career contributions to the education of children and youth with exceptionalities in areas such as publications; research; development of new concepts, approaches, or programs; and practical application of improved teaching devices.)

  • Recipient of the Annual Midwest Symposium Leadership in Behavioral Disorders Award, 1995.

  • Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award, 2002. (An annual award by the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children to an individual who is active in training educators in special education who is committed to educator preparation, preparation of future leaders, and whose research supports the preparation of teachers and/or delivery of services to children with disabilities, legislative leadership, and scholarly works.)

  • Recipient of the ‘Fessor Graham Award for commitment to teaching excellence, good rapport with students, and scholarly publications. Given by the UNT Student Government Association, 2009.

  • 2010 Recipient of Showcase Recognition by Pioneers' Division of CEC for Lifetime Contibution to the Field of Special Education and CEC, Nashville, TN.

Leadership Roles in Professional Organizations

President, International Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, 1979-1980

President, International Council for Exceptional Children, 1982 -1984

Chairperson, Standing Committee on Members/Regional Services for the Council for Children with BehavioralDisorders, 1986-1993

President, Teacher Education Division of the International Council for Exceptional Children, 1990-1991

Chairperson, Standing Committee on Finance for the Teacher Education Division, 1994-1997

Chairperson, Standing Committee on Professional Development, International Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, 1993 - 2007

Member, CEC Nominations Committee for the Board of Directors, 2009-2011

Member-at-large, CEC Division on International Services is Special Education, 2010 - 2011

President Elect, CEC Pioneers Division - 2012
President - 2013
Past President - 2014

Recent Events

 * Chairperson, Eleventh Biennial Conference of the International Association of Special Education, July, 2009, Alicante, Spain

 * Chairperson, Thirty-First Annual Conference of the Teacher Education Division/CEC, November, 2008, Dallas, TX

 * Chairperson, CCBD International Conference on Ensuring a Brighter Future for Troubled Children/Youth: Challenges and Solutions, October 4-6, 2007, Dallas, TX.

 * Chairperson, CCBD International Forum on Educating Troubled Children/Youth: Innovative Approaches, Alternative Settings, and Multidisciplinary Collaboration Resulting in Positive Outcomes, February 9-10, 2007, Las Vegas, NV.  

Chairperson, CCBD International Forum on Alternative Schooling: Changing Perspectives and Emerging Best Practices for Children and Adolescents with Challenging Behaviors, February 10-11, 2006, Norfolk, VA.

Chairperson, CCBD International Conference on Making a Difference in the Lives Children and Youth with the Learning and Behavioral Problems: Proven Practices and Prevention and Intervention in the Schools, Home, and Community September 22-24, 2005, Dallas, TX.

Chairperson, CCBD International Forum on Effective Disciplinary Practices: Strategies for Maintaining Safe Schools and Positive Learning Environments for Students with Challenging Behaviors February 4-5, 2005, Las Vegas, NV.

Chairperson, CCBD International Forum on Effective Interventions for Classrooms, Schools, and Communities -Making a Difference in the Lives of Students with Learning and Behavioral Problem, February 13-14, 2004, Tampa, FL.

Chairperson, CCBD International Conference on Children and Youth with Behavioral Disorders, October 2-4, 2003, St. Louis, MO.