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Time to Renew PRAS Subscriptions

By Dr. Ty Young, Asst. Mgr., Support Services

The renewal period for the fall semester has begun for those who are Premium Remote Access Service subscribers. If you are currently a PRAS subscriber, you can ensure uninterrupted service by renewing your subscription soon -- you must renew your subscription, using either cash/check/credit card at the UNT Bookstore or via IDO, by Thursday, 27 August 1998. Renewals may be purchased in person or over the phone at the software department of the UNT Bookstore. Basic subscriptions are $45. The 128Kb ISDN subscription rate is $90 (see ISDN below).These subscription renewals will become active Monday, August 31, 1998 and will expire on January 19, 1998.

If you are moving from one service area to another, you will be placed in a list of those wishing to transfer subscriptions, and these applications will be processed August 28 (after those staying in the "same" group have been processed, but before new subscriptions are sold beginning August 31.) NOTE: We cannot guarantee that a spot will be available for you in the new area to which you want to subscribe.

Over the last four weeks, Academic Computing Services distributed over 1,000 new Internet accounts during Freshman Orientation, and as you might expect, there was a very keen interest in PRAS. Hint: if you want PRAS in the fall, and you have it now, renew early.

"I'm not a PRAS subscriber. What is PRAS ?"

It's our optional, pay-for dial-up system that allows you to connect to the Internet from your home with up to 56kbps analog modems (or 128kbps ISDN), using a user-to-line ratio of 7:1. We don't guarantee 'no busy signals' service, but there have only been a very few, extremely brief periods of users receiving busy signals when calling the PRAS phone numbers. We also allow you to connect for as long as you like, whereas the General Access (free) lines have a mandatory two-hour time limit imposed. If you have further questions about PRAS, call the Computing Center Support Services office at x2324.

"I want my department to pay for my subscription via IDO. How do I set this up?"

NOTE: If you wish to pay for your subscription via IDO, we ask that you furnish the following information on the IDO itself:

• that the IDO is for a Premium Remote Access Service subscription, payable to the Computing Center

• your full name

• your UNT ID number (AKA Social Security Number)

• your UNT Internet (AKA "Jove") account user ID

• your preferred contact phone number (home or school is fine)

• your preferred area of access (you only get one: Denton, Dallas or Fort Worth)

if you're one of our two-channel ISDN customers,

• specification on the IDO that you wish to pay for two-channel ISDN access

Bring (or campus-mail) the IDO to the Computing Center, in the Information Sciences Building Room 119. We'll take care of it from there.


You've asked for it for a number of years, and we've listened. You now have the option, when renewing your subscription (or buying a new one, beginning 31 August 1998) of paying $120 for an entire YEAR of service ($240 for two-channel ISDN.) We hope this eases the burden of renewing for our customers. We think it will. Please E-mail any questions regarding renewal to:

ISDN Service Available in Dallas and Denton!

UNT offers ISDN Internet service. This service is offered only in Dallas and Denton. All subscribers may take advantage of ISDN service, but "basic" subscription only allows 1 B channel (64Kb) connection or 1 "analog" PPP connection at up to 33.6Kb. If you are interested in full ISDN/BRI 128Kb (2B + 1D - what you normally get when you buy an ISDN connection from your phone company), you must subscribe to the "128Kb ISDN" service.

If you are interested in using ISDN (64Kb or 128Kb) please contact or call 565-3064 for more detailed information regarding equipment and TelCo service needs. Please note that ISDN Internet access requires an ISDN line between your residence and the telephone company's' central office. The cost of this line is in addition to the UNT service subscription fee.n