Volume 1 - Number 5 * August 1998
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, continues to provide updates on campus computing. This month's news concerns new hours for the Computing Center HelpDesk is adopting the fall semester, Windows 98, and virus protection software.

Time to Renew PRAS Subscriptions

It's that time of year again -- time to renew your Premium Remote Access subscription. All the details are contained in this article, including the announcement of new and improved service.

New Telecom Service Request Procedures

When the Telecommunications Department was moved into the Computing Center on June 1, the billing function was moved to Claims Accounting. A review of departmental procedures as a result of this move has led to the establishment of some new procedures.

GroupWise E-Mail Issues

This article addresses some issues that have come up lately with regard to GroupWise usage. One issue is the use of GroupWise's "UNT Everyone" List, and the other is loss of messages due to automatic deletion.

Windows 98: Personally I Like it!

Since Microcomputer Maintenance will begin shipping Windows 98 on their new machines, it seemed like a good time to print a review of the product. This article should help you determine if Windows 98 is for you.

Statistical Computing Tips: S-Plus

The Research and Statistical Support Group in Academic Computing Services will be supporting the S-Plus statistical package this fall. This article serves as a brief introduction to the product.