Volume 1 - Number 1 * April 1998
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Campus Computing News

Click on this title to find out the latest campus computing news. Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Director of Academic Computing Services, fills you in on Desktop Application Software Guidelines, laptop computers, Web-based testing and more.

Anti-Spam Measures Affect IMAP Users

Unsolicited electronic mail is wreaking havoc on mail systems everywhere. If you frequently read mail in your UNT E-mailbox via a non-UNT Internet service, you should pay careful attention to the information in this article.

GroupWise "Everyone Mail" a Problem

Mail sent to everyone who has a GroupWise account continues to be a problem. Read this article to find out about the Large Group E-mail Guidelines set out by the Vice Presidents and Provost last year (2/17/97). They are still meaningful and should be followed.

Internet Relay Chat on Jove

When Jove was upgraded to Solaris version 2.6 on January 7,1998, the IRC client program was not restored for a number of reasons. This article tells you why and what the alternatives to Jove IRC are.