Volume 1 - Number 3 * June 1998
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, continues to provide updates on campus computing. This month he talks about the Computing Center/Telecommunications merger, what Yahoo! thinks about UNT, Web-based course management, and more.

Research and Statistical Support Update

Research and Statistical Support (RSS) has recently extended their support coverage to several new desktop statistical applications. This article will tell you all about the new software and services available from RSS.

Name That Tune . . . ummm . . . Computer

If you are running Simeon for the first time on a computer connected to the campus network or have a new computer in your office that isn't working right, it may be time to give your computer a name.

Keeping Up With Campus Computing News

You can keep abreast of all the computing news on campus if you consult the resources mentioned in this article on a regular basis.

Just for Fun: Haiku Error Messages

Tired of the usual error messages? Try these on for size.