Volume 1 - Number 7 * November 1998
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, continues to provide updates on campus computing. This month you'll find out about the "faster, bigger, better" Web servers and increased Internet backbone bandwidth in your future.

Statistical Workshop Slated

A special workshop is scheduled early next month for faculty members and researchers interested in finding out more about the advanced statistical package, S-Plus. Read this article if you think you might be interested in attending one of the two scheduled sessions. Refreshments will be served.

Ten Digit Dialing Comes to the Metroplex

If your area code is either 214 or 972 and you use UNT-supported dial-up software, you will need to change the instructions in the dialer portion of that software on December 3, 1998. Further information is provided in the body of the article.

WebCT at UNT

WebCT® is the Web-based course delivery software that is supported at UNT by the Center for Distributed Learning and Central Web Support. What started with one class in July has exploded into 95 classes in development or production in November. With approximately 2,000 students in the system, and projections of up to 10,000 students in the system by fall of 1999, WebCT at UNT is getting a lot of attention.

GroupWise News

Did you know that all sorts of file types are viewable from within GroupWise 5.2? If you're a GroupWise user, this article could help you to get better functionality out of your E-mail. If you also use Netscape, make sure and read the warning about the latest version of Netscape and GroupWise.

WWW-Lan is Gone

Mark Wilcox, UNT's Campus Web Administrator, has been trying to "kill" the Novell-based Web site (www-lan.unt.edu) for some time. He finally did it. Read this article and find out why.

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