Volume 1 - Number 6 * October 1998
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, continues to provide updates on campus computing. This month's news concerns software upgrades on many of our dialup ports to support the recently-ratified V.90 standard for modems, additional Denton Premium Access lines, and software packages that purport to check other software packages for Year 2000 compliance.

Making Your GroupWise Mail Immortal

If you don't take steps to prevent it, each of your GroupWise mail messages will be deleted when it is 180 days old. This article instructs you on ways to ensure that your messages live on, long after their targeted day of expiration.

Campus Network Servers Standardized

The Campus Wide Networks Computing Team within the Computing Center will now handle the sales and service of network servers, as well as the installation and support of their operating systems. In conjunction with that is the standardization on a single, industry leading make and model of server. Read this article for complete details.

Brown Bag Series for Distributed Learning

The Center for Distributed Learning has organized a special interest group for faculty which meets the first Thursday of each month. Read this page also, to find out about the satellite-linked conference entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Learner-Centered Environments -- Today!" that Housing and Residence Life is hosting.

Don't Change That Date!

As January 1, 2000 creeps closer, you will see more and more articles addressing the possible computer problems associated with that magic number. The more you hear and the more strident the warnings, the more you may be tempted to just set your computer's date to 12/31/1999 and the time to 11:59 p.m. and see what will happen. Read this article to find out why that probably isn't a good idea.

Bits and Bytes

Every once in awhile we have things that we would like to pass on to you that don't really warrant a separate article. Read this to find out what the Computing Center is doing for Parent's weekend, where to see an IMac, where to get statistics for your Web site, and where to find more new or improved UNT Web pages.

SAS Software Available at UNT Bookstore

This article provides you with an update on all the statistical software supported by ACS' Research and Statistical Support Office as well as the new licensing agreement with SAS Institute for home distribution of their software.