Volume 1 - Number 6 * September 1998
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, continues to provide updates on campus computing. This month's news concerns the campus adoption of WebCT, faster laptop computers from the Microcomputer Maintenance Shop, the new role of UNT as a computer-based testing site for Educational Testing Service, and 3,000 new UNT Internet Service account holders. Find out the fate of the new Internet Services CD-ROM on this page also.

New Center for Distributed Learning

This new Center supports faculty in the implementation of distributed learning by serving as a liaison for various administrative and technical support functions for successful course delivery -- and more . . .

My Remedy what!? has been resolved???

If you haven't yet gotten an E-mail message like this

Your Remedy Case 000000000000999, Short Desc: <a problem you may remember having> has been resolved.

chances are you will soon. This article explains the rationale behind UNT's Remedy system and those mysterious E-mail messages.

UNT Y2K Watch

Everything you ever wanted to know about the "Year 2000 Problem" and it's implications for UNT can be found in this article. It is a must read for campus computer users.

ACS UNIX Systems Group News

The ACS UNIX Systems Group has gone through some recent staff changes and will be reorganizing in the near future. Read this article for details and information about terra, the new instructional UNIX system.

New for Fall '98 . . . . in a General Access Lab Near You

This article will bring you up-to-date on the latest equipment and software upgrades in your favorite General Access Lab.

McAfee Scans the Campus

McAfee VirusScan Security Suite has replaced Command Software’s Command AntiVirus (F-Prot) as the supported campus anti-virus product. Find out the details in this article.

A Report on the Joint Meetings of the American Statistical Association

If you use statistical software, this article is for you.