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SPSS on CMS to be Dropped

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

In our recent efforts to renew our software subscriptions for Fiscal Year 2000, we have recently discovered that we cannot renew SPSS for CMS for the coming fiscal year. SPSS for MVS on the Academic Mainframe will continue to be available, however, the version that runs directly on CMS will cease to work after 9/30/99.

The CMS version of SPSS is not year 2000 compliant and SPSS Inc. recently announced that they would not be releasing a Y2K compliant version of SPSS for CMS. According to UNT's legal affairs department, recent changes in State law prevent us from signing a license agreement for a product for which we must acknowledge that it is not Y2K compliant.

SPSS Inc. has announced a Y2K "patch" for the MVS version of SPSS. They anticipate that it will be available in September and we will install it once it is received. Programs which have been run using SPSS on CMS can still be run via batch submission to MVS with the addition of JCL to the program. Those requiring assistance in adding JCL to their CMS SPSS programs and submitting them to MVS should contact the Academic Computing Research and Statistical Support office (x. 2140 or x. 4066, or see

We regret any inconvenience this late notice will cause, however, as mentioned above, we have only recently learned that we cannot renew this product. It is apparent that SPSS' ongoing support for its mainframe products is tenuous. Researchers who would like support for moving their research activities from the Mainframe to a PC or UNIX platform may contact the ACS Research and Statistical Support office for help (see for further information).