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Accessing GroupWise E-mail From Home

By John Bradley, Campus Wide Networks Desktop Operating Systems Support Group

The GroupWise client that you use at work is now available for you to use from home. If you have an Internet connection, either with a UNT Internet Account or through a separate Internet Service Provider (see the explanation at the end of this article if you are unsure), you can access your GroupWise E-mail box from your Windows-based or Macintosh computer at home.

How to get it

There are three ways that you can get your hands on it:

  1. Call your network manager .

  2. Go to the Reserves desk in Willis Library and ask for the GroupWise version 5.2 CD, listed under the call numbers 6233 through 6237.

  3. In your Web browser, surf to and click on the link to download the GroupWise clients. Keep in mind that these are huge files and will take considerable time to download. Installation instructions are available on the download page.

Why to get it

Of all the possible ways to check your GroupWise E-mail from home, using the GroupWise client is by far the best. Consider the following features:

  • GroupWise client: Full, reliable access to all E-mail, folders, tasks, appointments and calendar items. This is exactly the same client you currently use in your office, and provides identical functionality (except for access to the GroupWise archive). All communication with the GroupWise post office is encrypted, ensuring that your email will be secure as it travels from your home computer to the GroupWise post office.
  • WebAccess: ( Limited access to email, folders, tasks, appointments and calendar items. Since it is Web-based, it's not as reliable or robust as the GroupWise client. Communication between your Web browser and the GroupWise Web server is encrypted and secure.
  • Other: Other email clients such as Netscape Messenger (included with Netscape Communicator) and Outlook Express (included with Internet Explorer) can be used to read your GroupWise E-mail, but you will have no access to any of GroupWise's calendering features. Communication between the mail client and the GroupWise server is clear-text, meaning that it is not encrypted and could conceivably be compromised.

What to do when you get it

Installation is quick and easy. Full instructions are included on the CD. If you download it, just print out the instructions on the download page and follow them.

Explanation of Internet Access:

Internet access through a UNT Internet Account or and Internet Service Provider means that you can use the modem in your computer to dial in and connect to the Internet. Once connected, you would be able to use programs such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. If you have a UNT Premium Access account and dial in to the Denton, Dallas or Fort Worth Premium Access lines using your modem, then you have a UNT Internet Account. If you dial in to the UNT free lines, then you have a UNT Internet Account. If you use AOL, CompuServe,, FlashNet, Internet America, Internet Global, etc, then you're using an Internet Service Provider.

If you're not sure what you have or whether or not your computer has or is capable of having Internet access, please call the Computing Center Support Services Helpdesk at (940) 565-2324.