Volume 2 - Number 8 * August 1999
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Leatherbury has some good news for you about the Microsoft Campus Agreement .

Renew PRAS Accounts Now

If you purchased a Premium Remote Access Service subscription for the summer semester -- or had paid through the summer -- and you want to keep it, you will need to renew it. You may also need to take action to ensure the continuation of your UNT Internet Account, under certain circumstances.

Accessing GroupWise E-mail From Home

The GroupWise client that you use at work is now available for you to use from home. If you have an Internet connection, either with a UNT Internet Account or through a separate Internet Service Provider, you can access your GroupWise E-mail box from home.

SPSS on CMS to be Dropped

If you do research on the academic mainframe, you will be interested in this article about the fate of SPSS on CMS.

The UNIX Question

Duane Gustavus, UNIX Research Analyst, asks the rhetorical question, "Why UNIX?" You may be surprised by his answer.

Computer Virus!!!!

This month, Wil Clark gives you his "It might be a hoax if..." list -- and more.

Going Somewhere?

Sharon Marek, UNT Central Web Support Web Developer, gives you some valuable web-based travel tips.