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IRC News

Minutes provided by Sue Ellen Richey, Recording Secretary

IRC Regular Voting Members: Ginny Anderson, Fiscal Affairs; Donna Asher, Administrative Affairs; Walter Bowen, Academic Administration; Bill Buntain, Communications Program Group; Sue Byron, Faculty Senate; Carolyn Cunningham, Student Affairs; Don Grose, Libraries; Jenny Jopling, Instruction Program Group; Joneel Harris, Administrative Program Group; Allen Livingston,Graduate Student Council; Dennis Mueller, Research Program Group (on Sabbatical); Ramu Muthiah, School of Community Services; Jon Nelson, College of Music and Standards & Cooperation Program Group; Robert Nimocks, Director, Information Technology,UNTHSC; Steve Oeffner, UNT Health Science Center Russ Pensyl , School of Visual Arts; Patrick Pluscht, Distributed Learning Team; Jim Poirot College of Education; Mark Rorvig, Research Program Group (acting for Dennis Mueller who is on Sabbatical); Kathleen Swigger, College of Arts and Sciences; Neal Tate, University Planning Council; Philip Turner, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs for Distance Education and Dean of the School of Library and Information Resources (Chair, IRC);; Virginia Wheeless, Chancellor; John Windsor, College of Business. IRC Ex-officio Nonvoting Members: Leslie Bowden, Telecommunications; Wil Clark, GALMAC; Jim Curry, Microcomputer Maintenance Shop; Michael Forster, UNT Health Science Center; Richard Harris, Computing Center; Coy Hoggard, Computing Center; Maurice Leatherbury, Computing Center; Sue Ellen Richey, Computing Center (Recording Secretary). [As of 1/99]

July 27, 1999

Distributed Computing Support Management Team

Maurice Leatherbury reported that the Distributed Computing Support Management Team has continued to look at staffing issues and noted that the recommendations that were made to Human Resources to lower the requirements for the support positions have been adopted. They continue to look at the computing support quotient, which is the number of people supporting computers across campus. The ideal that was established a few years ago was one support person for every 100 users. Maurice stated that it appears that that ideal is still being met; therefore, no staffing increases are anticipated at this time. Maurice also reported that the Microsoft Campus Agreement has been signed and delivered to Microsoft; response to UNT’s changes to the agreement are anticipated soon. When the agreement is finalized by Microsoft, HiEd will begin selling the Microsoft software in the Bookstore for $7.00 per CD. The only remaining issue is how to track the purchases, since legally Social Security numbers cannot be given to the vendor. It is hoped that the software CDs will be available in the next 4-6 weeks. Maurice stated that notification will be sent out as soon as the software is available.


Coy Hoggard reported that Y2K testing is still being done for some of UNT’s integrated systems software. The outstanding issues with the Voice Response system have been dealt with; Brite Voice Systems will come in next week to do their part in the implementation process and then testing of that system can begin.

Another issue is host connectivity. Right now UNT is using a product from Novell called SAA Gateway, which has a Y2K problem. Rather than upgrade that product, it has been decided that it will be replaced with a product from Hummingbird.

Coy reported that Y2K conversion is currently on target.

Communications Program Group

Paul Schlieve reported for the Communications Program Group that Robert Pierce has built a web site for the group, linked from the IRC web page. The new web site has the Program Group’s minutes.

Administrative Program Group

Coy Hoggard reported for the Administrative Program Group that in addition to coordination of Y2K activities, in keeping with this Group’s commitment to do a review of available products for student support systems, vendors have made presentations of their products and their services. Most recently a presentation was made by The Hunter Group, who specializes in planning and project management.

Research Program Group

Mark Rorvig reported for the Research Program Group that they are preparing a second Internet2 proposal to be released July 30th. He stated that he does not feel confident about the proposal.

Maurice Leatherbury reported that the Alliance for Higher Education has initiated a process by which an investigation is being made into the establishment of a Dallas Gigapop. The internet backbone provider, Qwest, has recently participated in a telephone conference about connectivity. At this point it will be necessary for UNT to define exactly what it needs now. To participate in this AHE project, there would be a considerable up-front cost, of around $300,000. The largest benefit would be in the lower cost of connection costs after the initial implementation phase. The next step will be for the Alliance to put together a technical plan and a budget.

Maurice admitted that there are a lot of unanswered questions about the entire project, one of which is maintenance and support coverage. Discussion followed.

Guidelines Submitted

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner distributed a revised draft of the University Computing Assessment and Resources Guidelines, asking the IRC for endorsement. The Guidelines were approved.

Elizabeth also presented the Student Email Procedures and Guidelines for approval. There was a lengthy discussion during which several objections were raised and comments made. David Griffiths reported that the Student Association has discussed these procedures and guidelines and in response has passed a formal resolution responding to it. The resolution requests that there be a trial semester of the student email prior to it becoming a mandatory method of student email. There were comments regarding the problem of forwarding mail from a single UNT account to other email addresses. Maurice Leatherbury stated that new web based mail clients are being looked at to help with the usability of Simeon. Maurice also reported that the student email system will be ready to use within 5-6 weeks; however, it will take a considerable amount of time to set up all students up on the system. Paul Schlieve commented that there would be a huge advantage to having a central directory of student email addresses, which could be accomplished with a single student email system. Students could then simply forward their mail from that single address to wherever they prefer to read their mail. Carolyn Cunningham commented that a student email system would be a big advantage to the Student Services area in enabling them to communicate with students individually or by groups, and thereby provide better service to students. There was some concern expressed that new students won’t know how to access email without some instruction. It was suggested that several administrators who are involved in the implementation of the student email system meet with the Student Association.

Following the discussion, the motion to approve the Student Email guidelines was amended. Implementation of the system will occur as soon as possible, but making an email account on that system mandatory for every student will not be effective until Spring semester of 2000. Also, training and education be made available as soon as the email system is available. Sue Byron moved approval of the Student Email Procedure and Guidelines, as amended. Don Grose seconded and the motion passed with one opposing vote. Maurice clarified that the system will be in place for use in Fall and can be made mandatory by a specific professor or Dean for a specific group of students, if so desired.

Other Items

There was no report from Patrick Pluscht; however, Dr. Turner reported that the Electronic Intellectual Property Policy proposal has gone to the Faculty Senate committee and to the Deans. He invited IRC members to look at it on the Center for Distributed Learning web site (UNT/CDL) or at UNT/LegalAffairs.

Bill Buntain reported that the dormitory wiring project is on schedule with McConnell, West, Clark, and Bruce Halls to be completed by Fall and College Inn to be completed some time during the fall semester. However, the Housing Dept. will not be bringing them all on line at once.

IRC Meeting Schedule

The IRC generally meets on the third Tuesday of each month, from 2-4 p.m., in the Administration Building Board Room. An exception to that schedule occurred in March of 1999 when it met on the second Tuesday to accommodate the Spring Break schedule.

All meetings of the IRC, its program groups, and other committees, are open to all faculty, staff, and students.