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List of the Month

Each month we highlight one Internet, USENET Special Interest Group (SIG), or similar mailing list.


Last month, our "List of the Month" was HeroicStories . It turns out that a lot of the subscribers to HeroicStories have expressed a desire for a place on the Internet where they could share their comments about the stories with each other. In response to those requests, Randy Cassingham, Editor of HeroicStories has created a new discussion list called HeroTalk.

To subscribe to the HeroTalk discussion list, E-mail . If you prefer Web access, see -- you'll have to register with Topica and can then either have the list messages posted to you or you can read them via the Topica Web site. The discussion area can be used to talk about the stories, discuss the topics raised, and trade ideas about how to spread the concept to more readers.