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Staff Activities


We welcome the following new employee:

  • Nahareen Alam, Report Distribution Clerk (part-time).

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Frank Digrado, part-time CPU operator.
  • Tim Largen, part-time CPU Operator.
  • George Morrow, ACS Academic Mainframe Programmer/Analyst. Although retired, he continued working part-time under a modified service agreement through July.
  • Stephanie Lindsey, Microcomputer Consultant (part-time).

Awards, Recognition

  • Don Swatloski, Database/Central Programming Support Team Leader, Blair Copeland, Video Communications Analyst, and Don Butler, Student Records Data Systems Team Leader, were recognized in the August 1999 Human Resources Newsletter as Soaring Eagles. Blair Copeland was recognized for his work in remodeling the Foreign Language Learning Center. Don Butler was recognized for enabling Early Eagle Orientation. Don Swatloski was recognized for helping a new employee access an administrative mainframe program.