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By Mark Wilcox, Campus Web Administrator

Bringing UNIX to Windows, one Perl Script at a Time

If you have ever spent much time working on UNIX and then have to do work on a Windows 95/98/NT machine you know that you always wish that Windows supported command <insert favorite missing command here>. Or perhaps you administer an NT server and try to solve a problem, only wishing there was an easier way to do it from the command line like you've seen UNIX sys admins do.

Well there is a project under way to solve these problems; the Perl Power Tools project. Tom Christiansen, who's one of the world experts on Perl has started a new project called "The Perl Power Tools: Unix Reconstruction Project". This project's goals are to rewrite all of the basic UNIX command set as a suite of pure (e.g. no C library dependencies) Perl scripts and to have fun doing it. These scripts can then be copied and ready to run on any system that has a working Perl5 interpreter (which is a lot more systems than a certain caffinated language ;).

They are free to use and for you to build upon, just like most other things built in/with Perl. I'm already pleased that I know have a working "tail" command for my Windows NT based servers at home.

If you'd like more information see  

Until next time.