Volume 2 - Number 12 * December 1999
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Feature Articles

Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury outlines the campus computing plan for "Y2K Rollover."

Y2K -- What if?

What if your computer stops working on 1/1/2000? This article offers some suggestions for dealing with the situation.

Did you get yours?

We proudly announce EagleMail, a service concept which includes UNT Internet Services E-mail plus a few new features. Read all about it.

Time to Renew PRAS Accounts

If you purchased a Premium Remote Access Service subscription for the fall semester -- or had paid through the fall -- and you want to keep it, you will need to renew it. You may also need to take action to ensure the continuation of your UNT Internet Account, under certain circumstances. Details for renewal of both these services are provided in this article..

Internet Software CD-ROM Discontinued

It served a useful purpose at the time, but due to changing technology, sales of the UNT Dial-up Software CD-ROM, "Internet Software Suite Version 3.0," have been discontinued.

Y2K Viruses

There has been quite the dialogue going around about potential Y2K viruses. While many of these 'viruses' cause simple annoying, non-destructive, cute things to happen there are some that could potentially cause lost production time, or worse.

Personal Information Online

Think you lead an anonymous life? Think again. This article will help you find out what information is available about you online and how it's gathered.

Think Before You Click

A simple click of a button and your thoughts and words can be sent thousands of miles in a matter of a few seconds. But has technology grown so quickly that our means of reasoning have not had time to catch up?

Cluster Computing

Cluster computing has become a popular topic in computing environment discussions. Increases in the volume of PCs manufactured have brought about price changes which make clusters of low-cost systems more attractive than single more costly units which have previously been the focus of high performance computing.