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Change in GroupWise Remote Access

By Jason Myre, Campus Wide Networks Messaging Support Manager

Since the campus has migrated to GroupWise 5 and we have introduced a superior remote client as well as full function Web-based access to GroupWise, the older Dial-up system (or Asynchronous gateway) is not getting very much use. The new GroupWise client allows TCP/IP connection, remote or direct, via the general UNT dial-up lines, either premium or regular service. As a result, we plan to shut the old gateway down for good on March 1.

Whether you choose your familiar GroupWise client or a standard Internet browser to read your GroupWise mail, I am sure you will find the added features a big plus. If you are currently using the Async Gateway, please contact your network manager for assistance.

GroupWise from home?

If you have a GroupWise account and would like to install GroupWise on your computer at home, the Computing Center has GroupWise Installer CDs available to check out. Contact John Bradley for more information (565-4830).

To learn how to set your GroupWise password for remote access, or how to access GroupWise over the Web, see the FAQ at:

For more information on how to access the UNT dial-up lines, see: