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GroupWise 5.2 Calendar: The Basics

By Pat Evans, Campus Wide Networks Computer Support Specialist

This is the second in a series of educational and informational GroupWise articles.

Outside of creating and reading mail, what would you think is the most requested feature of GroupWise? If you said "the calendar," you’d be right. Be it for scheduling of the weekly staff meeting or a friendly note to yourself to pick up a gift for your partner, calendar is one very useful tool!

How to put stuff on your Calendar

There are three types of "stuff" you can put on your calendar -- appointments, tasks, and notes. (Appointments are broken into two types: meetings and personal). Because the steps for creating an appointment (meeting or personal), task and note are essentially the same, we will focus on entering an appointment to your calendar. And as always, feel free to explore these calendar functions for yourself.


  1. Click on the "Schedule New Appointment" icon on your toolbar (It’s the one that looks like a letter with a clock over it). Or you can click on File, New, Appointment.
  2. Enter the name of the person or group you wish to invite. You can also CC: (carbon copy) or BC: (blind copy) an appointment.
  3. Enter the location of the appointment in the Place field.
  4. You can then enter the Start Date, time and Duration of the meeting in the appropriate blocks. (If you need to, use the calendar and clock icons located to the right of these blocks.)
  5. And of course, Subject and Message blocks can be filled. (What you put in the Subject block will be what you see on the calendar).
  6. Finally, click Send to submit your appointment.

Viewing your Calendar

The really nice thing about GroupWise is the many, many ways it allows you to customize it to meet your needs. A great example is the way the calendar can be displayed.

You can open the calendar by clicking on the "Open Calendar" icon or by clicking Window, Calendar View on the GroupWise toolbar. By default, you will be presented with a Daily view calendar. As you can see, the calendar is presented with the following components: date, time, a three-month calendar, and blocks for appointments, notes, and tasks.

So let’s say you open your calendar and you notice you have some sort of meeting scheduled at 9:00 am, but you can’t remember what it really is from the brief subject line. To see the actual appointment request, simply double-click on the subject within the calendar.

One last word about viewing your calendar. Click on the little down arrow just to the right of the "Open Calendar" icon. You will see a list of differing views to meet your tastes and/or needs, be they daily, weekly, yearly, as a planner or as notes. Oh, but what about monthly, you say. Well, we’ve got that covered too…mostly. To view your calendar in a month view, you will need to have a wonderful little application known as Month View C3PO installed on your system. Talk to your network manager about installing this application.

Printing your Calendar

Printing your calendar in GroupWise is as simple as it is in any other application you use. Again, we recognize you like having things your way, so we give you a number of options. (And as a hint, GroupWise 5.5 will give you back some print function you lost with the migration from the old GroupWise.).

You can print your calendar by clicking on the "Print Calendar" icon, or by choosing File, Print Calendar from either the Calendar or from the GroupWise Main window. Then it’s a matter of choice for calendar type you prefer: Franklin Quest, GroupWise, Multi-User or Text. Unfortunately for those of you who have the Month View C3PO installed, you cannot print this calendar, but will under GroupWise 5.5. Explore the Print Calendar tabs of Setup, Format, and GroupWise Options to see what options work best for your individual needs. (Note - when you choose to print a number of days from your calendar, you will get that many days printed off individually).

Final Words about Calendar

Calendar is an essential function of GroupWise, and an essential tool to a well-connected office. Explore for yourself how you can integrate this feature into your routine, and don’t forget that you can share the wealth of your calendar with GroupWise Proxy*. Also, for those of you who remember some additional functionality of Calendar in the previous version of GroupWise, rest assured Novell heard you. GroupWise 5.5, which will be released at UNT in late Spring, 1999, will return that functionality you miss.

Other Resources

If you’d like to learn more about GroupWise and the many features it provides, please visit the following URL’s:

  • and please take advantage of the GroupWise Guides provided under the Help Menu.

* for a review of Proxy, visit