Volume 2 - Number 2 * February 1999
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, continues to provide you with updates on campus computing. This month you'll find out more about UNT's plans with regard to Internet 2, our recent Internet bandwidth upgrade, and how popular our central Web site has become.

GroupWise 5.2 Calendar: The Basics

The most requested feature of GroupWise, besides creating and reading mail, is the calendar. This article will help you to make better use of this very useful tool!

Change in GroupWise Remote Access

You probably won't miss the asynchronous gateway that is being removed in March, but its demise is directly related to the added features available in GroupWise 5. Read this article for more details.

New Student E-mail Server May Require Changes to Your E-mail Client

Student E-mail services will be moving to a faster and more powerful system soon. If you use an E-mail client other than Simeon to read your mail, you will need to make some changes within your client to reflect this move.

RSS Matters: New Generations of Statistical Applications

This article marks the beginning of a new column from the folks in Research and Statistical Support Services. This month's column focuses on SAS 7.0 and its many exciting new features, including the ability to automatically translate all SAS output into HTML.