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Computer Advantage Program Disbanded

By Sandy Burke, Manager of Computing Center Help Desk Support Services and University Information Call Center

The Computer Advantage Program was an experiment tried for over a year (Sep 97-Dec 98) to add to the number of basic Microsoft Office software trainers and create subject matter experts in departments on campus. To that end it was successful.

The other intention of Computer Advantage was to have basic computer software training spread over many individuals so that one person was not the primary trainer. Because those individuals working with Computer Advantage already had full time jobs and added computer training to their already full workload, the individuals concerned would sometimes have to defer to their real job, and could not be available to teach or rove for classes. The end result is that the campus still had to depend on one primary trainer, who had now taken on several new responsibilities making it impossible to devote her full efforts to teaching basic Microsoft Office training classes.

So, with a sense of accomplishment for what was done, as well as a sense of sorrow at change, Computer Advantage is disbanded and Human Resources is looking for alternate sources to handle training needs on campus. In the meantime, you can consult the Computing Center's Training Web for possible solutions to your training needs.