Volume 2 - Number 1 * January 1999
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, is back to provide you with updates on campus computing. This month you'll find out about UNT's plans with regard to Internet 2 and a possible new Microsoft software licensing agreement.

Internet Bandwidth Upgrade

If faster Internet access is a concern of yours, Mike Maner, UNT's Data Communications Manager may have some good news for you in this article.

Connecting to the Academic Mainframe May Require New Software

A new version of VM/CMS installed on the Academic Mainframe has caused problems connecting to vm.acs.unt.edu from TCP3270 running on various flavors of MS Windows. Solutions for this problem are presented in this article.

Student E-mail Services to be Improved

Student E-mail services will be moving to a faster and more powerful system this February. Read this article to find out about how this will affect Simeon, Pine, and other services currently available on Jove.

New Internet Software CD-ROM Coming

Academic Computing Services is poised to release a new, updated version of its Dial-up Software CD-ROM. Key features of the new release are described in this article.

Computer Advantage Program Disbanded

The title says it all. Read this article to find out the details.

GroupWise 5.2 Proxy

How would you like to spice up you GroupWise adventures? One way to enhance your GroupWise day is to try Proxy.

RSS Notes for the New Year

Important Year 2000 information for researchers and a new discussion list are some of the items discussed in this article from Research and Statistical Support Services.

The Controversy Over On-line Instruction

A very interesting report on the annual conference of the Society for Computers in Psychology. An announcement for a satellite broadcast on "What's Fair Pay For Distance Education Faculty?" is on this page also.

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