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Internet Bandwidth Upgrade

By Mike Maner, Data Communications Manager

The University of North Texas is currently connected to the TEXAN network through the use of two T1 or DS-1 phone circuits. The combined data rate or "throughput" for such a connection is about three million bits each second or 3 megabits. This is no longer adequate connectivity for the UNT System. Many avenues have been explored to locate the most cost efficient method to be used in providing a large bandwidth increase that is needed to support all UNT and UNT HSC Internet activity. After several months of study and negotiations, we have moved to continue as a member or customer of the TEXAN network operated by the General Services Commission. The three (3) megabit connection is to be expanded to a nine (9) megabit connection. This will, as implied, increase the available bit stream or bandwidth or "throughput" for UNT network users by a factor of three (3). If the available bandwidth was the only limiting factor, the immediate benefit would be response that would be three times faster or download times reduce to one third what they have been. Since almost all operations performed by users of the Internet involve other bottlenecks in addition to our congested connection to the General Services Commission, most users will see better performance, but I do not expect everything to be three times faster than before the upgrade.

We anticipate making the first test of the new circuits on Monday January 18, 1999. The initial steps will result in about a 50% increase in bandwidth. If all systems work properly by the end of Monday, we will remain on the new system from that day forward. The old system will remain available as a backup during the first few days of service on the new system. Additional circuits will be added to the new system over the days or weeks following January 18th. until we reach the target goal of 9 megabits per second as our normal data rate to and from the Internet.