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By Mark Wilcox, Campus Web Administrator

Three Nifty Things

By the time you are reading this three nifty things have (or at least they should have :) happened:

  1. We unveiled the new (hopefully improved) central UNT Website at PAIS and Central Web Support worked really hard at improving the design of this site. We have so much content (and EVERYONE wants to be on the homepage :) it's hard to keep it all organized. Hopefully we've done a better job at organization. Things like the site map and the most often searched links will help when you can't find what you are looking for. I really want to extend my thanks to Sharon Marek and Kenn Moffitt on my staff as well as to Mark Lansdon and Dianna Bracken in PAIS for putting in most of the blood, sweat and tears on this project. As usual if you have any comments send them to .
  2. In conjunction with the new site, we've also upgraded to new server hardware. We have more than doubled our capacity on our physical hardware. For you tech junkies out there we are now on dual Sun E-450s with dual 250 MHZ CPU (that's 2 CPUs per machine), 1 GB of RAM (yes that's 1 GB of RAM per machine), 50 GB of diskspace, and 5 100 MBT ethernet jacks running Solaris 2.6. They also have built-in growth room. One machine will primarily be tasked for WebCT and as an LDAP server while the other will primarily serve our standard central Web servers.
  3. WebCT will be in use in a big way. Too say that WebCT has grown beyond everyone's expectations is to make an understatement. In less than 4 months we had over 100 classes in production. It is now the only product we support for the delivery of Web-based classes. If you have any questions, see the Center for Distributed Learning Website at

One Big Project

The biggest project on-tap for this semester is to work seriously on putting in place a system for generating a standard electronic userid. This means that you will only need one userid for getting access to E-mail, the Web, the campus network and electronic class information. As part of this, we will likely be able to deploy a Web-based directory system. The main reason why we don't yet have this is to protect your privacy. I do not want to risk publishing personal information until we know that our information is reliable, easily updateable and protectable. Stay tuned . . .

Until next time.