Volume 2 - Number 7 * July 1999
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Leatherbury fills you in on the latest news with regard to the Microsoft Campus Agreement and UNT's Internet 2 membership.

"Pass the word, please"

Things just got easier for people who forget their UNT Internet Account passwords. Dr. Ty Young, UNIX Systems Administrator, tells you all about the UNT Helpdesk's new Automated Password Change System.

Round Reel Revolution

If you do research on the academic mainframe, you will be interested in this article about the demise of the round reel tape drives.

Students in the Tree

It could be the name of a new rock group or a class in environmental science, or it could be a project to help simplify your life at UNT. Click on the title to find who or what Students in the Tree is.

ssh . . .

Duane Gustavus, UNIX Research Analyst, gives you good reason to be paranoid about computer security. Fortunately he also offers some solutions.

The New Wordmarks are Here!

Sharon Marek gives you something to be excited about this summer -- new UNT wordmarks.

The Software Crisis

According to Dianna Mullet, UNT's Lead UNIX Administrator, the real root of the Y2K problem is The Software Crisis . . .