Volume 2 - Number 3 * March 1999
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, continues to provide you with updates on campus computing. This month you'll find out more about UNT and Internet 2 and a possible $1.5M Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Grant. There is also a blurb on this page about administrative mainframe system availability during Spring Break and Help Desk hours during that time.

New Student E-mail Server Move Postponed

We reported in last month's Benchmarks Online that the Computing Center’s Academic Computing Services UNIX group would be migrating all E-mail accounts to a faster and more powerful system in the latter part of February. Unfortunately the best laid plans of mice, men, and the UNIX Services group went awry. Read this article to find out why.

Student Computing Forum

The General Access Lab Managers Committee will hold its first Student Computing Forum next month. The forum will create another venue for students to provide input on lab policies and procedures. Read this article and find out the details.

GroupWise 5.2: When You're Away

Did you know you can access your GroupWise mail from anywhere in the world? Find out how in this article.

Computer Virus News

Have you thought much about computer viruses lately? Read this article to find out why you might not have to feel guilty for answering "no" much longer.

Maximizing Your Hits

This article will help you lead more people to your Web pages from UNT's search engine. You will also learn about the new search feature for Benchmarks Online on this page.

Cold Fusion Web Applications at UNT

Cold Fusion is a reality here at UNT. Intrigued? -- click on the title above and keep reading.