Volume 2 - Number 11 * November 1999
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Dr. Philip Baczewski is the guest columnist this month and he addresses some Y2K issues on the Academic Mainframe.

Y2K -- A Minor Hiccup or Major Indigestion?

Since the millennium is almost upon us, Coy Hoggard, Senior Director of Administrative Computing and UNT Y2K Remediation Coordinator has set about to remind us just what all the Y2K fuss is about.

Y2K Links

Want to know more about the Year 2000 Problem? This page provides you with links to Web sites which contain interesting and useful Y2K information.

Junk Mail and Hoax Viruses

Read this article and then forward it to all of your friends. Really!

Is Your Website in Compliance?

There are guidelines for Web publishing at the University of North Texas. Please review these guidelines to determine if your site is compliant.

Having Trouble Finding Things?

UNT's new search engine has a slightly different look and feel from the previous version. Shane Jester of Central Web Support gives you some tips on ways to retrieve more accurate information from the search engine.

Countdown to the Year 2000

Click HERE to find out how much time we have left ...