Volume 2 - Number 10 * October 1999
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Campus Computing News

Dr. Maurice Leatherbury has more good news this month about the Internet 2 GigaPOP and UNT System Center at Dallas technology plans.

Automated VirusScan Updates

Wil Clark tells you how you can feel confident that you are being protected from the latest viruses.

Webmail: Coming Soon to UNT!

Help us choose a Web-based client for student E-mail. Your voice counts, but you need to act now.

New UNT Search Engine

Check out the new search engine for the UNT Website. You won't believe the things it can turn up!

UNT Event Calendar Revisited

Last month's article announced the new event calendar. This month's article provides you with more details.

FrontPage 2000

FrontPage 2000 is the Web editing software now supported for faculty and staff by Central Web Support. Sharon Marek fills you in on the details in this article.

Learning Online

In December of 1997, the University of North Texas signed a contract with CBT Systems to provide computer based training (CBT) on a wide variety of computer-related subjects. Read this article to find out about "CBT on the Web" and "CBT on CD-ROM."