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What's My EUID?

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

According to the Computing Center Helpdesk, the most common question they have been asked this semester is: "What's my EUID?" EUID stands for "Enterprise UserID" and has been created to simplify access to computer resources across campus. This EUID is created as soon as your fees are paid (if you are student) or as soon as your forms are processed by Human Resources (if you are a faculty or staff member).

The EUID is used by several systems on campus as your UserID so that you don't have to remember as many UserIDs when accessing UNT computer systems. Some of these systems include UNT Internet services, WebCT, and UNT Libraries.

If you have an account via the UNT Internet Service then your EUID is your UNT Internet Account. IF you are not sure what your EUID is, you can find out at the "What's My EUID" Web page.