Volume 2 - Number 9 * September 1999
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Campus Computing News

More great news from Dr. Leatherbury about 56K modem dialup ports and cheap Microsoft CDs. He touches on Year 2000 issues also.

McAfee Deploys New SuperDat Updates

You can now update your McAfee virus scanning software on a weekly basis. This will give you better protection from the latest viruses. Wil Clark tells you all about it in this informative article.

Forwarding Your UNT Internet Account

Sometimes people purchase UNT Internet Accounts so that they can use UNT computing facilities from home, but they would prefer to read their mail from another E-mail account. You can do that with mail forwarding.

What's My EUID?

According to the Computing Center Helpdesk, this is the most common question they have been asked this semester. Do you know the answer?

New UNT Event Calendar

Public Affairs and Information Services has announced a new and improved UNT Event Calendar. Read all about it.

New Online Library Service

The UNT Libraries have recently announced the establishment of an Online Reference Help Desk. There is even a "virtual librarian."

Computer Memory

Duane Gustavus, UNIX Research Analyst, tells you everything you've always wanted to know about computer memory.