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GroupWise Document Management: Creating Documents

This is the third in a series of articles on the topic of GroupWise Document Management. This article does not deal specifically with the GroupWise Macintosh Client, which will be covered at a later date.

By Andrew McGregor, Messaging Support Specialist

This short article will describe the process of creating documents in the GroupWise DMS. There are two ways to create documents in the GroupWise DMS, and they are very easy to master. If you read the previous article, some of the material will be very familiar to you.

Creating Documents Using the "Create New Document" dialog box

The first way to create a document is to use the "Create New Document" dialog box. The second way is to use the application integrations in conjunction with a fully integrated application. Let's look at how you would do it with the "Create New Document" dialog box.

The first step is to either click on the "Create New Document" tool bar button, or click on "File" and then choose "New" and then "Document". One other way to get to the same dialog box is to simply hold down the "CTRL" key and simultaneously press the letter "D". Any of these processes will bring up the same dialog box.In the window that appears, choose "Select an application" and then pick the application you would like to use from the list of applications below. For our purposes, I will pick “Microsoft Word Document”. At the bottom, choose the correct library in which the document will be deposited. When you are satisfied with these settings, click "OK".

At this point, the "New Document" dialog box will appear, and you will need to type in a subject for your document. If you don't type in a subject, the subject field in the GroupWise client will be blank. If you wish to open the document to edit it, you can put a check in the check box beside “Open document now”, otherwise leave it blank, and the document reference will be created in the client, so you can open it later. You'll want to set the rights for the document at this point, so click on the "Properties" button.

When the "New Document" property box comes up, select the "Sharing" tab. In the "Sharing" properties, you can select "Shared with" and add whomever you would like to have rights to your document. If you do not select "Shared with" and add a user, then the default is "Not shared", so you will be the only user who will be able to view the document. If you are satisfied with the settings you have chosen, click on “OK” to continue. When you click on “OK”, the document reference will be created in your client and the corresponding application will open if you chose to open the document.

To save the document, when you are done editing, you simply close the document as normal, and it will be saved into the library.

The second way to create a document in GWDMS is using the application integrations. The integrations allow you to start the creation of a document in the corresponding application rather than the GroupWise client and then store the document in the library without going through the import process. We don’t encourage this procedure at the present time, since some of the integrations tend to be problematic, so I won’t pursue this subject any further. There are other features that are basic to GWDMS that still need covering, so until next time . . .

More Information

Stay tuned for more neat GroupWise Document Management features next time. If you want to do some reading in the meantime, check out the topic of "Document Management" in the Novell GroupWise Cool Solutions vault.