Volume 3 - Number 4 * April 2000
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Campus Computing News

Read all about the status of Internet 2 at UNT and ongoing evaluations of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) for use in UNT's computing environment.

GroupWise Document Management: Creating Documents

This is the third in a series of articles on the topic of GroupWise Document Management.

Is Your Site ADA Compliant?

Do you maintain an official Website at the University? Did you know that state Websites are required to be ADA compliant? Do you even know what ADA compliant means? Answers supplied within.

Peep Peep

It's that time of year again. Easter is just around the corner and Peeps have invaded the grocery store shelves. They're also all over the Internet. You won't believe how obsessed some people are with these versatile marshmallow creatures.

Don't forget to check out our monthly columns. This month's topics:
  • RSS Matters -- "Hmisc: An Add-on Library for S-Plus"

  • The Network Connection -- "Pounding the Virtual Pavement"

  • List of the Month -- "Jobs/Careers Newsletters"

  • WWW@UNT.EDU -- "Student Organizations on the Web"

  • Short Courses -- Update on the various training opportunities on campus.

  • IRC News -- Minutes of the March 21, 2000 meeting.

  • Staff Activities -- New employees, employees that have resigned, staff professional presentations and ex-staff member publications are included in this article.