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Staff Activities


We welcome the following new employees:

  • Jason McMullen, Telecommunications Stock Room Clerk (part-time).
  • Ting-Chun Hang, Telecommunications Stock Room Clerk (part-time).
  • Darrin K. Morris, Telecommunications Specialist.
  • Rehana Nayyer, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • John Rogers, ACS GAL Monitor (part-time).
  • Michael Padilla , ACS GAL Monitor (part-time).
  • Blas Rodriguez, Jr., Tape Librarian.
  • Mohammad Alsadka, Helpdesk Consultant (part-time).

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • John Gonzales, Administrative Computing programmer on the Year 2000 Project.
  • Terry Donaldson, Datacom Technician (part-time).

Awards, Recognition

  • Brian Galloway, Telecommunications Customer Service Coordinator , was recognized in the April 2000 Human Resources Newsletter as a "Soaring Eagle" for his assistance to a staff member.
  • Computing Center Staff and associated Y2K committees were recognized as an Outstanding Group/Department at the Chancellor's Sack Lunch on February 22 and in the April 2000 Human Resources Newsletter.

Publications, Presentations

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hinkel-Turner, ACS General Access Lab manager, recently co-hosted the annual conference of the Society for Electro-acoustic Music in the United States which took place on the UNT campus March 9-11. Her composition, "A Stitch in Time", for live real-time mixed video and audio was also premiered at the event. Hinkle-Turner also served as a faculty member at the Women and Music Technology workshop at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA (March 15-18) where she provided instruction in Finale 2000 music notation software and Director 7 multimedia software. "A Stitch in Time" was performed and her CD-ROM installation, "Full Circle", was also presented at the event.

Publications by Former Staff Members

  • Eriq Neale, former ACS General Access Lab manager, is co-author of Windows 2000 Deployment Strategies, which came out in March. Eriq has links for information about this book and other publications at if you're interested in what he's been up to since he left here.