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Campus Computing News

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

EagleMail and Internet Services

We are now (as of 8/27) using a slightly different application procedure for new accounts. The new application found at now offers two options:

  1. an EagleMail application for students which provides only E-mail service, but not dial-up or Webpage publication.

  2. a UNT Internet Services account application for students (or faculty and staff) who need dialup service also.

All IMAP and IMSP authentication is now done via an ldap server. Password changes will now be synchronized between NIS (the UNIX authorization protocol) and ldap. This change will allow the anticipated expansion of EagleMail use which would have surpassed the capabilities of our previous authentication system. The technical difference between an EagleMail only account and an Internet Services
account is that an EagleMail only account does not have a UNIX password file entry. It is possible to apply for Internet Services at a later date if additional services are needed.

To support this new authentication system, we have a new account management system (accessed at It has been redesigned (and hopefully improved) to be easier to use. Management functions are now classified according to the service to which they apply, and the password change utility is first on the main menu.


Please report any problems with the account application or new management page to the UNT Computing Center helpdesk (940-565-3886 or


Did you remember to renew your PRAS account?

Accounts expired Wednesday, August 23.


See "Did You Get Your EagleMail?" in this issue for more information about getting started using EagleMail.