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Haven't registered to vote yet? gives you a quick and easy way to register and also promises to provide you with tools to actively participate in the political process. According to their "About" Webpage: is a non-partisan political news and activities Web site devoted to empowering citizens of the United States with a real voice in their government. It puts the people back into "We the people of the United States..." by providing citizen members with the tools and information they need to make the most out of their right to vote.

The first step in playing an active role in your government is registering to vote. If you're not already a registered voter, you can begin the registration process, right here, right now at no cost.

The online voter registration process is the first of what will be many empowerment tools that are currently under construction and that will be introduced over the coming months. Then, as an OnlineDemocracy member you'll be able to:

  • Learn first hand what's happening in Washington, your own state capital and your own hometown.

  • Tell your elected representatives and other political leaders what's on your mind and what you think about the job they're doing.

  • Exchange ideas with other Americans who share your political concerns and interests.

  • Get access to hundreds of grassroots political organizations that are the heart of American democracy.

  • Take an active role in this nation's democracy, even learn how to run for public office. was founded by people who have been active in successful citizen grassroots political activities and understand the power of people to effect change in their government. And because is truly the political Web site "Of the people, by the people and for the people..." your participation and suggestions are not just welcome, but encouraged.