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News You Can Use

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

We publish a lot of informative articles throughout the year in Benchmarks Online. Below is a list of some that may be of particular interest to people new to campus.

Student focused articles

  • Test Your Knowledge about Student Computing Services (June, 2000)-- What you don't know can hurt you, as well as those you are trying to assist. Take this true/false quiz to make sure you're up to speed on such topics as student E-mail and dorm wiring.
  • Save a Tree. . . .E-mail Your Homework (May, 2000) -- Did you know that the General Access Labs have printing policies? Well they do, and they're not just for students either.
  • Campus Computing News (July, 2000) -- Ed Turney, guest columnist from the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Department, gives you the scoop on My Financial Aid, a new Web-based financial aid application.
  • The General Access Lab Manager Top Ten (July, 2000) -- Find out what the top ten things are "That Really Make GAL Managers See Red."
  • ResNet, UNT's Residential Network (July, 2000) -- If you plan to live in a residence hall this year, chances are you will have access to ResNet, "UNT's residential network."
  • Linux Lab (June, 2000) -- A project named "Linux Lab" was started earlier this year to offer a UNIX environment for people to work in.
  • WWW@UNT.EDU (April, 2000)-- "Student Organizations on the Web."
  • Uploading Your Website: FTP vs.Composer (February, 2000) -- If you're in charge of a student organization at UNT or just developing a personal Web page on you pretty much have two choices for publishing your site. You can either use Netscape Composer to upload the files or you can use an FTP program. Find out which choice is the best for you.

Faculty/Staff focused articles

  • Can You Send Bulk E-mail?(July, 2000) -- Only authorized individuals can send messages from the bulk E-mail system, but just who is an "authorized individual?"
  • Need Statistics for Your Website? (May, 2000)-- If you have a Website that is hosted by Central Web Support at UNT, you can get a detailed statistical report of Web use for that site.
  • Is Your Website in Compliance? (November, 1999) -- There are guidelines for Web publishing at the University of North Texas. Please review these guidelines to determine if your site is compliant.
  • FrontPage 2000 (October, 1999) -- FrontPage 2000 is the Web editing software now supported for faculty and staff by Central Web Support. Sharon Marek fills you in on the details in this article.
  • WebCT Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) (January, 2000) -- If you have questions about WebCT, a Web-based course delivery system used here at UNT, look no further for the answers.


  • Mass Document Operations In GroupWise (July, 2000) -- Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to a large number of documents at one time. With "Mass Document Operations," you can achieve this with very little complication.
  • Routing Messages in GroupWise (June, 2000) -- Have you ever written E-mail that you wanted to send to a group of people in a certain order? Well, here's your opportunity to start doing it.
  • HTML Formatting in GroupWise 5.5 (May, 2000) -- Did you know that the GroupWise 5.5 extended client allows you to "webify" your E-mail? Now your mail messages can be just as colorful and creative as a Web page.
  • GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack CD Available for Home Use (February, 2000) -- The GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack Client is now available. It is being installed around campus and you can also check it out for home use. Significant updates and new features are highlighted in this article.
  • GroupWise Document Management (February, 2000) -- Although GroupWise is initially an E-mail client, there are other features of GroupWise that are now available to the user since the recent upgrades. One of these features is GroupWise Document Management Services. The document management feature is actually quite impressive and a good fit with the functionality of the GroupWise client.
  • GroupWise Document Management: Storing Documents (March, 2000)-- This is the second in a series of articles on the topic of GroupWise Document Management.
  • GroupWise Document Management: Creating Documents (April, 2000) -- This is the third in a series of articles on the topic of GroupWise Document Management.
  • GroupWise Document Management: Checking Documents In and Out (May, 2000) -- This is the fourth in a series of articles on the topic of GroupWise Document Management.


  • Virus Threats Still Plague Public, UNT (June, 2000) -- If you thought the "virus trolls" or whoever it is that dreams up and periodically releases those things into cyberspace were going to take a summer vacation, think again.
  • Virus Protection Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry (May, 2000)-- Protecting your computer from viruses just might mean never having to say you're sorry. Read this article to find out how to get automatic VirusScan updates for your home computer and what "Crispen's Six Antivirus Rules" are.
  • Is Your Site ADA Compliant? (April, 2000) -- Do you maintain an official Website at the University? Did you know that state Websites are required to be ADA compliant? Do you even know what ADA compliant means? Answers supplied within.
  • WWW@UNT.EDU (June, 2000) -- "Worried about ADA compliance on your Website?"
  • RSS Matters (May, 2000) -- "Web Survey DIY, " a new support area for survey researchers.
  • Remedy: Take the Cure (March, 2000) -- UNT's automated trouble call tracking system.
  • Loads O'Links (March, 2000) -- Once in awhile we like to highlight UNT Web sites that are of interest to the campus community but may have escaped your detection.
  • Personal Information Online (December, 1999) -- Think you lead an anonymous life? Think again. This article will help you find out what information is available about you online and how it's gathered.
  • Think Before You Click (December, 1999) -- A simple click of a button and your thoughts and words can be sent thousands of miles in a matter of a few seconds. But has technology grown so quickly that our means of reasoning have not had time to catch up?
  • Junk Mail and Hoax Viruses (November, 1999) -- Read this article and then forward it to all of your friends. Really!
  • The Network Connection (November, 1999) -- "It's a Myth." More information about Internet hoaxes.