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Each month we highlight one Internet, USENET Special Interest Group (SIG), or similar mailing list or Website.

Official Website of the City of Denton

The City of Denton is going for "24-7 government," according to a recent article in the Denton Record Chronicle. You can now pay Municipal Court citations online using a credit card. Plans for future additions include the ability to pay for recreational programs, taxes, and library fees online. The ability to make utility payments online, get utility accounts information and request utility service connections and disconnections may be added soon also.

Besides the services, current and planned, mentioned above, the site is home to all sorts of useful information for city residents. Information such as:

  • The latest updates to budget information, including a detailed report from the City Manager.

  • The latest updates to tax information including links and information concerning county taxes, delinquent taxes and exemptions.

  • The Annexation Plan.

  • The stats on the quality of our water and the number of tests performed to ensure its quality!

  • Your test scores, if you've applied for a civil service position with the city's human resources department.

  • How to keep your power bill down, efficiently landscape your home or how to pay your monthly bills as an average of your monthly electric consumption, by linking to Denton Municipal Electric's Website.

  • What plans the City of Denton has for your neighborhood and how the city is preparing for growth for the next twenty years by viewing the comprehensive plan on-line.

  • Community related links involving local, state and federal government as well as service organizations supported by the city.

Point your browser to to see what all the excitement is about.