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Renew PRAS Accounts for the Spring

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

If you purchased a Premium Remote Access Service subscription for the fall semester -- or had paid through the fall -- and you want to keep it, you will need to renew it. You may also need to take action to ensure the continuation of your UNT Internet Account, under certain circumstances. Details for renewal of both these services follows.

Premium Remote Access Service Renewals*

Renewals may be purchased in person or over the phone at the software department of the Union Bookstore (940/565 3185). Basic subscriptions for the spring are $45. ISDN (128K) subscriptions cost $90.

These subscription renewals will become active Friday, 12 January 2001. All subscriptions that have not been renewed by Friday, 12 January 2001 will be deactivated on Tuesday, 16 January 2000. Please E-mail any questions regarding renewal to

Internet Service Account Renewals

People who are no longer associated with the University lose their eligibility to have access to many services, including various computing services. If you have been notified that your account is going to be disabled and you are still associated with the University, please contact the Computing Center Helpdesk at (940) 565 2324 or to Retirees may continue to have a UNT Internet Service account, however these accounts must be renewed annually. You may be asked to provide documentation of eligibility for this service due to the absence of available data on retirees at this time.

*Questions about PRAS? We answered some common ones in our August 1998 PRAS renewal article. The Remote Access area of the Helpdesk Website is also chock full of information on that topic.