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RSS Matters

New developments on our RSS Web

By Dr.Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager

Since early this year, RSS' Research and Statistical Consultant, Rich Herrington, has been working on several developmental projects for the RSS office. One of them is to build a development server that serves the research community in providing computing and documentation resources. Rich has devoted tremendous amount of time in configuring the Linux server and it now is ready to provide services.

1.  SAS documentation server (

One of the primary missions of the server is to provide on-line documentation for all researchers on campus. Our first task was to provide online access to all the bulky SAS manuals. The server literally houses all SAS on-line manuals available from SAS (over 22 modules, with contents covering at least 40 hard copy manuals). SAS has been converting its syntax and manuals to HTML format since version 7.0. The latest OnlineDoc version 8 covers materials up to July 2000. A new version that catches up with newest syntax in the UNIX version (version 8.0) and the Windows version (version 8.1) will be available next year. Now you don't need to check out the library reserve manual to check out a SAS syntax! Just visit the site from your internet connected computer:

The server is confined to UNT users use only. The next stage of the development on this documentation server is to install a search function for the SAS manuals and incorporate on-line manuals from other software, if available.  

2.  R-web (

R is an open source version of S. On top of providing S-Plus, a package that provides environment and interface for S programming, we offer a "priceless" version for users wishing to run R/S programs without the package. As a matter of fact, we will release in Spring 2001, the student version of S-Plus at the UNT Bookstore at a much discounted price. That said, graduate students and researchers already have the option of keeping a copy of the software and using the Web interface to run R/S programs.  

The R-web resides on one of our UNIX servers, Terra, and provides a full Web interface for program input and output. Running a program is straightforward. Just type the syntax in the textbox and hit the "Run the R program" button. On-line syntax help is available at the R Help link and sample programs abound (R-Scripts), thanks to Dr. Randy Schumacker,who has allowed us to use his on-line resources from his forthcoming book.

Once you submit the program, graphical and text output will be returned in the same page. Graphics in High Quality PostScript and Low Quality GIFs will be available upon clicking separate links. Users can either save the graphic files or print them off one at a time via the browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer). 

3. RSS Discussion Web  (

Ever have a statistics question that you expect responses from a group of attendants? Rich developed the RSS Discussion Web using a Linux package called Squish. It allows threaded discussion and you can search from the discussion database using a keyword. We invite you to send in remarks, questions or articles you consider valuable for other UNT researchers and help develop a virtual research community.

RSS is investing in development of more on-line resources for researchers and your feedback is important to us. Now you can contact us via one more channel:

Of course, we are still accessible via E-mail and phone:

Karl Ho 

Rich Herrington

Patti Price

Have a great holiday!