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GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack CD Available for Home Use

By Mike Williams, Campus Wide Networks Desktop Support Specialist

The GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack Client is now available. It is being installed around campus and you can also check it out for home use (contact me about checking out CDs). You'll find significant updates and new features including:


You can easily find UNT students and other internet E-mail addresses by adding LDAP address books to your GroupWise client. Use UNT specific or general-purpose Internet-wide address books like BigFoot and Switchboard. Sets up in seconds. Learn how to use this feature at

Internet Mail Accounts

Access your other POP3 and most IMAP4 Internet E-mail accounts (like Yahoo, HotMail, and other ISP E-mail providers), all simultaneously from your GroupWise desktop. Sets up in about a minute per E-mail account. Learn how to use this feature at

Routing Slips

Use Routing Slips to send a mail message or task to several people consecutively. You can add attachments for editing, track the status of the routed item, and require a password to mark the item Completed. No setup required (requires at least client 5.5 on all receivers). Learn how to use this feature

Improved Access While Away From the Office

Accessing GroupWise E-mail while away from the office is faster and easier than ever. The newest 5.5 client installs quickly and provides your home computer with all the functionality of your office PC. You will realize greater speeds and the advanced features listed above. For more information and installation instructions, see You can check out the latest GroupWise client CD from me (

Improved WebAccess

The new GroupWise WebAccess is better than ever. It has a sharp new interface that looks more like the Windows client and uses JAVA servlets to greatly increase performance. Also, you can now search for UNT student E-mail addresses with it's LDAP address book. Check it out at

Be sure to surf our GroupWise home page at for information on these and other GroupWise enhancements.