Volume 3 - Number 1 * January 2000
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Last month we announced EagleMail, this month it took flight. Read all about it.


We're well into January and things seem to be fine. Is this it for Y2K problems? Probably not.

Large Group E-mail Guidelines

Have you ever wondered whether you should send GroupWise mail to everyone on campus? We have some guidelines to help you decide and to help you minimize the impact of large group messages on your GroupWise mailbox.

J2 on the Academic Mainframe

If you've ever wondered what happened to a job you sent to Academic OS/390 (also known as MVS or batch), this article is for you.

MailBook 2000 on Academic CMS

The University has an updated mail program running on the Academic mainframe’s CMS for faculty and students.

WebCT Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

If you have questions about WebCT, a Web-based course delivery system used here at UNT, look no further for the answers.

Is Your Student Organization Online?

Officially recognized UNT student organizations are eligible for FREE Web space. Find out how to get your organization online today.