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Is Your Student Organization Online?

By Shane Jester, Central Web Support

Are you a member of an official UNT organization? If so, does your organization currently have a Website? Did you now that UNT Central Web support will provide Web space to official University student organizations, free of charge? Well, its true and its easy to do.

All that is required to get your organization online is obtain a UNT internet account at and complete an Application for Student Organization Computing Services. The application can be obtained on the third floor of the University Union suite 422 at the Student Activities Center. Once the center approves your organization you'll receive a message from Central Web Support giving you all the information you need to place your organization online.

What if you want to go online, but you don't have any web developers in your organization? Keep your eyes open at for dates about UNT Short Courses offered during the semester. Central Web Support offers several courses about publishing with both Microsoft FrontPage and Netscape Communicator during the semester and best of all, they're free.