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Staff Activities


We welcome the following new employees:

  • Hong Chen, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Sharath Chetty, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Sricharin Panuganti, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Kenya Locket, University information operator (part-time).
  • Jay Maxwell, Programmer on Student Records Systems team.
  • Michelle Tisby, Programmer on HRMIS team.

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Suresh Chitturi, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Rajesh Khullar, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Stacie Luna, Microcomputer Consultant on CC1/CC2 Network/User Services team (part-time).
  • Vikram Manda, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Justin Osire, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Taeko Ozaki, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Margaret Coleman, Data Entry operator.
  • Ron Homann, Job Distribution Assistant (part-time).

Awards, Recognition

  • Soaring Eagle awards will be presented at the February 22, 2000 Chancellor's Staff Lunch to the following Computing Center employees:

    Blair Copeland, Data Communications Computer Systems Manager, was recognized as a Soaring Eagle in the November 1999 Human Resources Newsletter. Blair was recognized for his "unfailing good humor, willingness to go the extra mile -- even when it's not your area -- cooperative spirit, and general help nature."

    Cathy Hardy, Academic Database Administrator, along with Pamela Johnson in Student Accounting and University Cashiering Services, was recognized for "taking such good care of a stray dog." They were able to track the owner down and arrange for owner and dog to be reunited.

  • The following people received Service Recognition Awards at an Awards Ceremony on December 15, 1999:

    Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor and Documentation Services Manager, was recognized for 20 years of continuous employment at UNT.

    Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing, was recognized for 15 years of continuous employment at UNT.

    Chandrabahan (C.R.) Chevli,Data Communications Computer Systems Manager,was recognized for 15 years of continuous employment at UNT.

    Mashid Grooms, Student Services Data Systems Team Leader, was recognized for 15 years of continuous employment at UNT.

    Lawana Robinson, Computer Operations Assistant Manager, was recognized for 15 years of continuous employment at UNT.

    Barbara Heffley, UNT/HSC Fiscal Data Systems Programmer, was recognized for 10 years of continuous employment at UNT.

    Ramona Aref-Azad, Production Control Specialist, was recognized for 5 years of continuous employment at UNT.

  • Daren Dugan, NetWare 4.1/NDS Support Analyst, was recently found quoted in an article on