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WebCT Frequently Asked Questions
(and Answers!)

By Sharon Marek, Web Developer UNT Central Web Support

What is WebCT?

WebCT is a Web-based course delivery system, used at UNT for full or partially online courses. Visit the Introduction to WebCT at UNT, online at for necessary information.

What software do I need to have to use WebCT?

All you need is a Web browser - Netscape 4.05 or better, for preference. If you're not sure what browser you have, visit the Browser and Plug-In Detection page at

Where is my WebCT class listed?

WebCT courses are listed at   They are divided by College or School - so a Computer Science class will be in the Arts and Sciences category, and a Public Administration class will be in the Community Service category.

Why do some classes at have a blue image next to them, and others don't?

The blue image means that a class has a Welcome Page. A Welcome Page is created by the instructor, and is publicly available, so that anyone can see what's on it. Many instructors use the Welcome Page to provide information about the class for prospective students, and to give current students critical information -- like the instructor's email address.

When I click on my course, it prompts me for an ID and password! What is my ID and password?

The default WebCT ID/Password scheme is explained at   While most instructors are using the default scheme, some instructors choose to use their own ID/Password scheme. If the default scheme does not work for you, contact your instructor. They can manually adjust your account if necessary.

Where can I get information about how WebCT works - the bulletin board, the email, the quizzes?

General information is available in the Student Guide to WebCT, online at    If you have specific questions not answered in the Student Guide, contact your instructor.