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Can You Send Bulk E-mail?

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

We are delighted that the word has spread about the bulk E-mail system, which was officially announced last month. It has become apparent, however, that there is some confusion about who can send bulk E-mail and who can't. As was stated in last month's "Campus Computing News", only authorized individuals can send messages from the bulk E-mail system.

But just who is an "authorized individual?"

Basically, the answer is that all faculty members can send E-mail to students enrolled in a class that they teach (but they can't send mail to students in someone else's class). Staff use of the Bulk E-mail system, however, is much more limited. This draft policy on the IRC Website explains it pretty well (from the middle of the page):

The bulk e-mail system is intended only for official communications between UNT and students, so access to the system is granted only to specified persons. Authorization is granted on a
hierarchical basis, with the general rule being that the higher up one goes in UNT’s administrative hierarchy, the more students to whom one can send mail messages. By default, the following
access is granted to the groups of students shown:
Position All students Classification (Freshman, Senior, Graduate, etc.) ZIP code (76203, 750xx, etc.) College (Business, Visual Arts, etc.) Major (Mathematics, KHPR, Criminal Justice, etc.) Course (PSYC2580.001, ART2080.002, etc.)
Chancellor, Vice Presidents, PAIS, Chief of Police, Computing Center Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deans, Registrar, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Admissions   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Department Chairs         Yes Yes
Instructors of specific classes           Yes
The access rights shown are automatically assigned to the designated individuals, so no action need be taken by the Chair of the Department of Management, for example, to start sending
messages to students with majors in Marketing. Persons not on the list above may gain access to the bulk e-mail system only by having an authorized user send a mail message to the
administrator of the directory service (currently, Mark Wilcox at, extension 2568.) requesting such access.