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GroupWise LogoRouting Messages in GroupWise

By Andrew McGregor, Messaging Support Specialist

Have you ever written E-mail that you wanted to send to a group of people in a certain order? Well, here's your opportunity to start doing it. The GroupWise Client (version has this ability built right into it. Simply open a "Mail to" window and click on "Actions" and choose "Routing Slip". This will activate the routing feature. Now, in the "Route" field, enter the names of the recipients in the order you want them to receive the E-mail. Then the rest is the same as a regular E-mail.

The recipients are informed that the message will be automatically routed to the next user when they mark the message complete. They do this by putting an "x" in the "completed" check box in the lower right-hand corner of the message window.

Isn't that easy? Now that you know how to do it, give it a try, and start using it!

For more information on this or another feature, please feel free to send me mail or give me a call at x7688. I'll be happy to help you. Also, you can visit our Campus Wide Networks Website and keep reading Benchmarks Online for other helpful information.